Advantages to joining a snowmobile club:

  • Membership helps pay for gas, signage and materials to help maintain the trails for your enjoyment.
  • You get a reduction on the cost of registering your snowmobile(s) in New York State.


  • A fine between $200 and $500 if caught.

Membership Fees

Membership fees have increased through NYSSA and are $30 for family and $30 for an individual for the snowmobile season. This fee includes NYSSA (New York State Snowmobile Association) membership.

NOTICE: The Snow Bounders Snowmobile Club membership year runs from September 1 through August 31.

Join online at the NYSSA

To become a member you have two options:

Join Online

You may join the Snow Bounders online at the NYSSA's membership website. You will need an email account and a credit card to join online.

Join at a club meeting

Come to one our club meetings and fill out a membership application form and bring $30.

Instructions for Club Membership

To all members / prospective members:

Due to the  two-tier system, some of the guidelines and requirements for membership have changed. The changes and instructions for completing your club application are listed below. 

  1. The new membership year of the club has been established from September 1, 20xx through August 31, 20xx. Subsequent membership years will follow the same timeline. This change was made as the club membership year must now match the DMV registration year and the NYSSA membership year.
  2. Membership dues for the 20xx-20xx season are as follows: Individual $30.00 and Family $30.00. The club must charge a minimum of $30.00 in order to sell the vouchers needed to obtain the registration discount at DMV.
  3. A family membership constitutes the head of household, his / her spouse, and any children under the age of 18 years of age all living at the SAME address. Any children over 18 years of age must purchase their own individual membership.
  4. The name and address of each person must MATCH EXACTLY the name and address on the sled registration.
  5. Please include a telephone number where you can be reached if there are questions regarding your application.
  6. Please list the number of registered snowmobiles included in this membership application to this address.
  7. If you are a landowner on the Snow Bounders Snowmobile Trail System (a trail maintained by the club must cross your property) please check the appropriate box. The NYSSA will waive the $5.00 membership fee to the state association for all landowners participating in the NYS snowmobile trail system.
  8. ***The membership voucher is the only acceptable proof of club membership accepted by both DMV and the NYSSA. PLEASE NOTE: By signing the DMV registration renewal certificate and only paying $XX.00, you are certifying that you are a current member of a snowmobile club in NYS for the 20xx-20xx season (Your old NYSSA membership card expires August 31 so this cannot be used for proof of membership for the upcoming season - nor can a "club issued" membership card as this does not validate that you are a current member in good standing with NYSSA.) DMV may or may not keep or make a copy of your voucher as proof of membership. If you sign the DMV registration and have not purchased a membership to a club - proof of membership to a club will not be registered in the NYSSA database. There will be a cross check of DMV registrations received at the discounted price to NYSSA's database of club members. If your name does not appear in both, your registration will be revoked. You will be required to pay the $100 fee, or face permanent revocation of your snowmobile registration, and face penalties for fraud as the DMV renewal is a state government issued document.
  9. You may want to keep a copy of the voucher for your own records. (At that point you will be able to re-print the voucher whenever you need a copy - i.e. - buy a new sled midseason - need voucher to register). A NYSSA issued membership card will follow in the mail at a later date. This card is good for membership discounts only - it will not be an acceptable form of proof at DMV